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5 Design Trends to Pique Your Excitement in 2024

New year, new style! The studio D. team has their sights set on the trends we’re bound to see, and some we’re determined to make happen. Ready or not, here come our new year interior design predictions…


Made in the Shade

We’ve all been through our “pop-of-color” phase and we’ve all witnessed the monochromatic era – but now we welcome the year of tones. Think of one of those paint sample strips. You know the ones that go from a pale eggshell and gradually darken to a rich coffee color. This approach focuses on choosing one color you just swoon over and building a palette around it, all in shades perfectly orbiting around your original, with a mix of different textures! This differs from the monochrome approach because this newest incarnation focuses on varying shades within one palette. This is a simple way to go about creating depth + contrast in a room while maintaining that sophisticated cohesion. Which color are you building your space around?

studio D Home Staging Photography

From Left, Clockwise: 22 Lucas Ranch Court, Lafayette, CA; Four Seasons Residences, San Francisco, CA; 57 Plaza Drive, Mill Valley, CA


Set in Stone

Don’t call it cold – call it cool. Concrete in the home has been sneaking up on us for a while but this year it’s making its grand entrance. Having an industrial concrete floor really frees up your creative possibilities! With its stark yet natural visual, you can layer in all of the cozy textures you want and you’ll never fall victim to having gone overboard with the “comfy” vibes. Is anyone else’s sofa looking like a second bed this holiday season? Let’s not go overboard with the pillows,throws, rug, and  drapes!  Keep that minimal vibe. Concrete allows this minimal balance to a space, freeing it up for more warm and textured furnishings while not oversaturating the room. So pour the concrete and enter your cool era.

studio D Home Staging Photography

From Left: 111 Montcalm Street, San Francisco, CA; 325 Buena Vista Avenue, Mill Valley, CA


Art, In Any Shape or Form

Sculptural art is coming for 2024! Whether it be a 3d wall hanging or a decorative structural object in your space, this is the year to bring your art to life. The more dimension, the better. Art can transform a space and tell a story so be on the lookout for art that really demands attention. The depth it will bring to your space is all the convincing you’ll need.

studio D Home Staging Photography

From Left, Clockwise: 519 Miner Road, Orinda, CA; 57 Plaza Drive, Mill Valley, CA; 257 Overhill Road, Orinda, CA


The Writing’s on the Wall(paper)

We’re wall to wall in ideas over this one. Bring on the patterned wallpaper, floral, stripes, suedes, even metal accents, but we are most excited about fabric and  hand stitched wallpapers. We won’t stop you. Hell, add it to the ceiling or the closet door! Remember, you’re telling a story with your space. Wallpaper can really set a tone of emotions you want to evoke.

studio D Home Staging Photography

From Left: Dumbo Residence - XA Studios, Brooklyn, NY; Four Seasons Residences, San Francisco, CA; The Avery Penthouse, San Francisco, CA


Follow the Light

Lighting can make or break a room. Whether it’s industrial or elegant, the light fixtures in your space have the potential to completely reinvent the room. For instance, juxtaposing a traditional chandelier in a contemporary space, or visa versa, transforms the entire room. Another lighting opportunity? Rather than sconces being flush against a wall, make a statement with a long arm light that can be adjusted to go over a kitchen table or a sofa. The options are endless, but the moral of the story? See the light!

studio D Home Staging Photography

From Left, Clockwise: 515 W 29th Street, New York, NY; Noe Valley Project, San Francisco, CA; Novato Project, Novato, CA

That’s a wrap! The 2024 trends we’re excited to see come. We’ve spared you the one’s we’re hoping to see go (shh!  Don’t tell shiny brass. 😉).  Have a Happy New Year!


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