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Is interior design content your thing?

We have something in mind.

We want to partner up to inspire and elevate others’ style through our mutual love of interior design.

Plus, there are perks. 😉

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How it works.

1 | Love it.
Pick your favorite piece from our curated affiliate catalog.
2 | Style it.
Bring your magic to the table. Create content with your new studio D. furnishings.
3 | Link it.
Tell your followers about it - maybe they'll want one of their own.
4 | Collect on it.
With every purchase made using your unique link, you get 5% right in your pocket. Talk about passive income...
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the perks.


  • Earn a 5% on each generated sale.
  • A lengthy 30-day cookie window. Your lead, your sale.
  • A dedicated point of contact on our team for all your questions and needs.
  • Access to our luxury catalog of unique and exclusive pieces.
  • Shout-outs, reposts, and features on our social channels with the content you create – all credits and tags to you, of course.

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