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Ikea: Better Shelter

Ikea’s product designs have given back this year and the return is heart warming! Newly designed sustainable units are being used in refugee camps throughout Iraq. has written an article about these units sharing that “One shelter can last an average of three years, compared with traditional tents, which typically last only a few months”. These units are more roomy than your average tent, states that  “…they’re 57 feet square and six feet tall—allowing family members to stand upright in the space, as opposed to crouching or lying down…”. IRIN enlightens us with some additional design details noting that “Each shelter is fitted with solar panels, mosquito nets, lights, and ventilation…”. Most importanty these structures have built in safety features, including a lockable door with key, which was sorely lacking in the previous tents used!

Please visit to view the full article. We hope this story brings inspiration to all, and that no matter what your talents may be, the world is a better place when they are shared. Here’s to giving back this holiday season!

We Wish you the Happiest of Holidays and a Joyous New Year!

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