Interior Design Trends to Try in 2020

Interior Design Trends For 2020

The New Year (And New Decade) Boast An Opportunity To Refresh, Reset, And Relax. Get On Top Of Refreshing And Resetting Your Space And Get Ready To Relax – Preferably Surrounded By Rattan, Boucle, And A Nice Classic Blue. Upgrade With Our Top Five Interior Design And Home Staging Trends To Stay Fresh In 2020.

Color Of The Year: Classic Blue

Pantone officially released THE color of 2020 – Classic. Blue.

Out with the millennial pink! Classic blue adds a fresh and rich color to the new decade. Use it for an accent wall or to cover your furniture. You can’t go wrong with this classic color.

Elle Decor | Ernest De La Torre’s 1950’s New York Ranch Home

Not convinced by Pantone’s 2020 color choice? We’ll guide you in the right direction. Shoot us a message and we’ll find your best colors.

Rattan + Wicker + Cane

Leading up to 2020, we’ve seen a resurgence of organic fibers including rattan, wicker and cane. These add an earthy effect and can add that perfect touch to warm up a more modern and sleek room.

Pablo Veiga

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Pendants this year will take many forms, but will popularly be big and bold. Rattan doesn’t stop at furniture – turn a basket upside down and you’ve got a pendant! Oversized pendants will also reign in 2020, with finishes from brass to matte black. Go wild!

Robert Young Architects

Claire Kennedy Interiors

Need specialty lighting? Let us know and we’ll get you in with the trendiest pendants, sconces and more!

Rounded + Chunky Furniture

One of the biggest instagram trends in design right now is rounded and chunky furniture. Take a small bite of this trend with the chic rounded Bruno Rey dining chairs, or dive in with a cozy boucle statement chair.

Katie Mossman’s Brooklyn Duplex

Kristen Giorgi Studio

Sustainable + organic

Not only are organic textures and palettes, but sustainable materials and second hand shopping are making waves in 2020. This goes hand in hand with cane and rattan designs – these are sustainably sourced materials which have a lighter impact on the environment. Stylish and greta thunberg approved!

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What trends are you feeling for 2020? Let us know!