studio D Home Staging Photography

Don’t Miss Studio D + Gail Dunnett Profiled on SFGate this Weekend

studio D founder/CEO, Gail Dunnett was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle over the weekend!

In the ‘Designer Profile’, Gail sat down for a chat with the Chronicle’s own Jordan Guinn; and discussed everything from her business background, to the logistics of home staging, her own love of travel- and beyond!

studio D Home Staging Photography

Dunnett is quick to heap praise on her team, with whom she credits as the ones composing a seemingly endless symphony of inventory, houses and deadlines.

“I wouldn’t be able to do this without my super talented designers in New York and California,” she said. “Each brings a unique style and personality, and I love how it comes through in their work. We don’t like to be formulaic.

For more of Gail’s Q+A, along with a handful of stunning images from some of our latest home staging projectscheck out the full article here.