studio D Home Staging Photography

A Painted Ceiling – The Good Kind of Drama

by Janci Deetz – studio D. Designer

Don’t neglect your ceilings! Seriously – who decided that ceilings weren’t fun? Painting a ceiling can be a great way to add dimension to a room. So put on your interior designer hats and let’s talk depth.

studio D Home Staging Photography

A common misconception is that a dark ceiling will give the illusion that the ceiling descends and makes the room feel smaller. However, a darker ceiling has the potential to draw your eyes upward, and add depth to the space – effectively adding height and drama while still making the room feel cozy and intimate.

For example, this older home had great architectural details – like detailed moldings and high ceilings that I really wanted to highlight. I chose this deep green/gray because it relates to some of the elements I could not change- like the dark green marble surrounding the fireplace in the neighboring living room. It made a statement and was a sophisticated way of modernizing the space while still aligning with and highlighting those traditional elements of the home.

studio D Home Staging Photography

Staged by studio D. // 174 Indian Road, Piedmont, CA

A dining room is a great space to play with rich, darker hues. Other smaller spaces like entry rooms and powder rooms are often a fun place to experiment as well. Paint is undoubtedly the easiest, most budget friendly way to make a high impact.

Which space in your home do you think could carry this statement?


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174 Indian Road, Piedmont, CA

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