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Luxury Virtual Staging Checklist

Studio D’s new luxury Virtual Home Staging services evoke an emotion, scale, and presence like when a prospective buyer tours the property in person. With expert eyes, studio D designers influence a high end and perfected home staging to bring your listing to life. Here’s a seven-point checklist to bring your virtual staging A-game:


High-quality 3D models are key. All the objects must be of high quality, have realistic shapes and proportions, with no edges too sharp or too blurred. Generally, the results of the best virtual staging look like photographs from a luxury magazine.

2. Furniture + Decor

With Studio D’s oversight in the virtual staging process, clients can expect on-trend, relevant styles that highlight the best features of the home. Ultimately, home staging should impress and entice buyers, whether through a virtual or real-life staging.

3. Quality > Quantity

In a virtual staging image, it should be easy to tell what materials the staging items are “made of”. The wood must look like wood, glass should be different from plastic, and any plants or fruit bowls that might be in a scene should look organic as well. Textures of every object must be high-quality and perfectly scaled to fit their size.

4. Lights + Shadows

Lights and shadows leave an essential impression on a buyer. If a home has natural light in real life, it should be emulated in a virtual staging as well. Natural lighting can also be supplemented by on-trend cheap ativan canada light fixtures, chosen by studio D designers. If an image has exaggerated dark spaces, this can also be lightened by virtual staging experts to reflect the true light and dark properties of the home. These lights and shadows will play seamlessly off of the virtual furniture within the home, just as it would in real life.

5. Proportions

All virtual staging items in a scene should be scaled according to the actual dimensions of the room and regarding each other. Each piece of furniture will be scaled to real-life proportions, to enlist a sense of space within a room. Studio D designers can ensure that each piece will fit the floor plan proportionately, and can ultimately fill these same properties in real life with the same or similar pieces.

6. Horizontal + Vertical Axes

While a clear and well-lit photo can vastly improve your virtual staging results, virtual stagers always make adjustments to the original photos. They can correct any distortion, and adjust the horizontal and vertical axes so that they make perfectly straight lines.

7. Style

Studio D provides the most on-trend and luxury looks to seal the deal, even through virtual staging. Check out some of our IRL stagings to get an idea of what to expect.

studio D Home Staging Photography

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studio D Home Staging Photography

Virtually Staged

studio D Home Staging Photography

Physically Staged

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